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Jiangxi huiye Crankshaft & connecting rod manufacturing Co.,Ltd was established in 1969 , it is a professional manufacturer of crankshaft and connecting rod of automotive engines. We have two manufacturing bases at present. The old base (Jiangxi Huiye Crankshaft & Connecting Rod Manufacturing Co., Ltd is located in Jizhou Industrial Park, Ji’an city, Jiangxi province) can produce engine crankshafts of 200,000 pieces and connecting rods of 1,000,000 pieces every year; while the new base (Jiangxi Huiye Auto and Aviation Industrial Development Co., Ltd., located in Xiaolan Industrial Park, Nanchang City, Jiangxi province ) can produce engine crankshafts of over 300,000 pieces and connecting rods of over 2,000,000 pieces every year. With leading inspection equipment and technology across the world (including Adcole crankshaft gauge, Integrated measurement rod,Coordinate measuring machine,Crankshaft contourgraph, Fatigue testing machine, fluorescence detection machine ,electronic detector etc.) we keep the whole processes of manufacturing and inspection (from raw material incoming to finished products delivery) under strict and intensive monitoring. The company has passed ISO/TS16949 and ISO 14001 certification and have been honored as “Excellent supplier ” by Jiangling Motors , Jiangxi ISUZU , Wuxi KIPOR and Chengdu Chengfa.....【More>】

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Address:No.1086 North of yingbin road , Nanchang City , Jiangxi Province



Contacts:Liu Fang

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